Quad Industries

Quad Industries

Branche: Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
Publiceert over: User interfacing, printed electronics

Quad Industries is a leading technology provider specialised in 2 domains, namely user interfacing and printed electronics.

The company supplies a wide range of touch and switch solutions, such as, capacitive touch keys, piezo touch, membrane switches, PCAP solutions, pressure sensing,… We focus on creating innovative interface solutions which include the latest technologies in backlighting and haptic feedback. We are skilled in many application domains, from home appliances to industrial, medical, automotive applications and many more,…

Quad Industries is active in printed electronics, which is a platform technology based on the combination of light-weight, flexible materials and cost-effective production processes. By means of highly accurate screen-printing techniques and automatic component assembly, we create smart labels on various substrates such as flexible films, textiles and paper. This technology combines printing of connections, NFC antenna's, batteries,...

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